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Chiropractic for kids and active families

Children's Race
Got Active Kids? We Can Help!


Most kids (and their parents) do better with regular chiropractic adjustments. Many babies and young children benefit from having a chiropractic wellness check-up every 6 months. Kids who are active in sports, ballet, gymnastics, martial arts, or horse-riding may need to be seen once a month to check their muscles and joints. Kids who are seeking athletic sponsorships and scholarships may need to be seen more often.

Children With Special Needs

Our chiropractors have experience providing chiropractic services for kids with the following special needs: autism spectrum, cerebral palsy, Bell’s palsy, Erb’s palsy, sensory processing disorder, visually impaired, Prader-Willi syndrome, congenital heart disorders (with displaced ribs), attention deficit, and developmental delays. We offer relief for children suffering from chronic earaches, and also help kids age 5 - 14 with bed wetting difficulties. We have experience helping tweens and teens with scoliosis.

Improving How Well Your Body Functions

The doctors at Back In Action Chiropractors spend time helping patients by improving their body’s framework. They carefully reposition the spine. They help the skeleton to become more symmetrical and balanced. This can help the body and its nervous system to perform better. Chiropractic can also improve core strength and flexibility.

Chiropractic Helps More Than Just Back Pain

Chiropractic works well with helping back pain. However, there are different reasons to see a chiropractor other than just when someone has back pain. Many people see a chiropractor several times a year in order to help their body to sleep better and move better. Chiropractic can also slow the process of skeletal aging and prevent bone spurs. Instead of waiting for their bodies to become sore and show wear and tear with age, more people are starting to schedule regular appointments with their chiropractor while they are still young.  This helps them to remain young and strong on the inside for as long as possible. People who see a chiropractor for routine wellness care often experience better balance, healthier joints, correct posture, better sports performance, and fewer aches and pains. People who begin a chiropractic treatment plan earlier in life usually experience better results.

Kids Running
Family walking at the beach look happy and in good health
Improving Sports Performance


Our chiropractors treat athletes, whether they play recreational or high school sports. Chiropractic can benefit athletes through better balance, core stability, and improved coordination. This can give athletes a competitive edge.

Looking for a Chiropractor in Flagler County, FL?

Back In Action Chiropractors has been helping patients with their wellness needs in Flagler Beach, Palm Coast, Bunnell, Beverly Beach and Ormond Beach since 2002. The doctors offer individualized treatment programs in a compassionate, relaxed, and friendly environment.

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