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22 Christmas Decorating Safety Tips

Protect yourself, your family, your home, and your pets this winter holiday season by following these Christmas decorating safety tips.

Each year our chiropractic clinic treats patients for injuries during the winter holiday season that could have easily been avoided. Keep these safety tips in mind to protect your home and family while decorating for Christmas.

  • Secure holiday candles. Take steps to prevent candles from tipping, and to keep them away from young children and pets. Extinguish candles before leaving the room or going to sleep.

  • Take some time to stretch your back, neck, arms, and legs before lifting boxes of Christmas decorations and supplies. This will reduce the possibility of injuring yourself.

  • Check ladders for stability before using them.

  • Make sure that the ladder has been placed securely on even ground.

  • Never step on the top 2 rungs of a ladder.

  • Don’t use a metal ladder that can conduct electricity when working with Christmas lights.

  • Have a friend help you take boxes down from the attic.

  • Any time boxes are removed from storage, check for signs of unwanted critters (spiders, insects, mice, snakes, etc.)

  • When purchasing a live tree, first check to make sure that it’s a fresh tree. Then keep it well hydrated.

  • Don’t place your Christmas tree too close to the fireplace.

  • Read instructions before assembling Christmas trees and outdoor holiday decorations.

  • Poinsettias, mistletoe, and holly can be hazardous if eaten. Keep children and pets away from these holiday plants.

  • Check each set of holiday lights for bare wires, loose connections, cracks, faulty bulbs, or other signs of damage. Discard sets of lights and cords that show damage.

  • Choose holiday lights that have been tested for safety.

  • Don’t use staples or nails to secure holiday light strings because they can damage the electrical insulation. Instead, use Christmas light hooks.

  • Don’t overload extension cords.

  • Discard an extension cord if it feels warm to the touch.

  • Avoid breakable tree ornaments that could have sharp edges.

  • Prevent young children from playing with holiday lights and extension cords.

  • Dress warmly when placing Christmas decorations outside.

  • Avoid leaving nuts, chocolate covered nuts, or cookies containing nuts, accessible to visitors who might be food sensitive.

  • Keep your mobile phone nearby in case of emergency.

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