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Chiropractic for Young Moms

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

The mothers of young children have demanding schedules and rarely enough rest. Learn how chiropractic treatment can help.

There are many joys associated with motherhood: holding your child for the first time, the thrill of hearing your baby trying to say your name, the close bonding you have with your child when you share a book together, and the wonder of seeing your infant take their first steps. Motherhood opens your heart to a very special type of love. This is the kind of love that enables you to go hours without sleep when your child is ill. Each and every day, millions of moms cook meals, fold clothes, pick up toys, organize schedules and maintain routines. Some also juggle careers while taking care of their families. They drive their children to and from school, band practice, ballet, karate lessons, and athletic events.

Moms play a pivotal role in the home. When a mother becomes injured or suffers from an illness, their entire family often suffers with them. This is why it is especially important to protect the health of young mothers, and to safeguard them from harm.

Although most moms don’t realize it, there are numerous daily activities that can cause muscle fatigue, headaches, neck pain, soreness, and stress on the joints of the skeleton. Sometimes pain and discomfort can be remedied by purchasing a new mattress, doing yoga stretches, and receiving adequate rest. However for moms with very busy schedules, chiropractic treatment offers many advantages and benefits. Many moms love visiting the chiropractor for wellness check-ups.

These are some of the repetitive actions and activities that some moms participate in every day that can cause stress on the body:

  • Sitting on the floor for long periods

  • Holding a child on one hip while simultaneously doing other activities

  • Stepping on small toys

  • Bending to pick up toys and items from the floor

  • Carrying a diaper bag or large purse on one shoulder

  • Taking care of a child while also being pregnant at the same time

  • Vacuuming crumbs off the floor several times a week

  • Bending forward to push a stroller or full shopping cart

  • Wearing flip flops, high heels, or other unsupportive shoes while carrying children

  • Bending and twisting to place children in a car seat

  • Tilting the neck forward to use a tablet or mobile device

  • Lugging an infant in a heavy car seat

  • Leaning forward to change diapers

  • Driving in the car for hours to take children to appointments and sport events

Some of these activities are entirely unavoidable. They come with the job! Others can be modified but it’s sometimes difficult for a mom to consider proper ergonomics when she’s busy multi-tasking. Finding a good chiropractor who can gently realign a mom’s tired neck, back, and shoulders can indeed be a blessing. Some moms do much better when placed on a chiropractic wellness schedule. They get fewer headaches, feel more energy, sleep more restfully, and often say that they don’t seem to catch their children’s cold and flu bugs as frequently.

Sleep is such a sweet and precious word to mothers with children (especially young ones). Of all the wishes a mother can have, sleep is at the top of the list followed by help with the housework. Sleep has different stages that must be completed in order for the body to correctly regulate its functions and most importantly to heal. When a woman receives adequate rest, she doesn’t only feel better physically. Her emotional health and mental health are also improved. She becomes more focused. She becomes more patient. She becomes better at decision making.

Now, how can a mom get that required sleep? For the body to transition through all four stages of sleep, it must be relaxed mentally, emotionally and physically. First, the body must be relaxed and physically ready for the sleep process to begin. If a tired mom is unable to lie down comfortably, she will not be able to drift off to sleep. If she cannot find a relaxing sleep position, even if she is able to begin sleeping, she may not be able to enter into all four sleep stages. This is where a chiropractor can help. If a person’s joints are sore and their muscles are overly tight, then they cannot get into a comfortable position for sleep. Chiropractic adjustments can align the body for better sleep. With chiropractic treatments, many people can get in a relaxed sleeping position, and will fall asleep faster and sleep restfully longer. Importantly, the part of the body that controls breathing and heart rate is at the top of the neck and when aligned properly with the spine will help keep you in a deeper sleep.

Time spent with your children is a precious commodity. If you feel rundown and tired most days, you cannot enjoy your motherhood. Your nervous system controls all processes within the body. If it has interference due to spinal misalignment then the body will use more energy than it should for everyday tasks. The chiropractor can correct this nerve interference and restore the nervous system to its optimum efficiency. Along with the chiropractic treatment, nutrition is also very important to keep your nervous system running smoothly.

At the end of the day, do you want to look forward to tomorrow with your children and enjoy every minute or are you too tired and sore to think about tomorrow. Chiropractic, exercise, good nutrition, and restful sleep can give you more energy and focus and less pain and soreness to handle your busy and hectic days.

As a mom, you have more responsibilities than you can count. These responsibilities cannot be measured against any other jobs in society. If you do not take care of yourself then who will perform your duties and daily tasks? Eating healthy, getting enough restful sleep and keeping your spine strong and joints flexible are ways a chiropractor can keep your body strong, beautiful, and healthy. The children will be happier when their mom is healthy and feeling good.

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