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Weight Loss With Chiropractic

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Learn unexpected ways that chiropractic treatments may be able to help people achieve their weight loss goals.

When most people consider losing weight, one of the first things they think about is their diet. In truth, both diet and exercise are very important. However, even with a healthy meal plan, people sometimes experience difficulty shedding extra pounds. They may be eating healthy foods and doing their best to remain active, yet they seem to be experiencing a plateau with regard to weight loss. This can become frustrating and even discouraging. During these situations, it is often a good idea to schedule an appointment to see the chiropractor.

Here are a number of reasons why people notice it’s easier to lose weight after seeing their chiropractor:

  • Easier to stay active. If it hurts to move, an exercise routine becomes near impossible to maintain. How can someone keep moving when they are sore and in pain? When a person feels healthy and strong, they are able to stay active and enjoy life. Chiropractors manipulate the joints of the spine and skeleton, which helps a person's joints and muscles to move more comfortably. Active people find it easier to stay fit. This helps with a person's outlook and overall level of health, not only with weight loss.

  • Increased energy level. When the skeleton is in the correct alignment, it requires less energy to perform routine tasks. When the body’s neck, shoulders, back, and hips are lined up properly, energy is conserved and can be used in other processes. This will keep energy levels higher, because the body is working more efficiently.

  • Increased flexibility. When the joints are more flexible, it reduces stress on the body when moving around. When someone first gets out of bed in the morning how much energy is used and how stiff are the body's joints? Flexibility in the morning is greatly reduced right out of bed. What if someone could get out of bed with less stiffness and more flexibility that lasts most of the day? This is where chiropractic treatment can help by keeping the joints healthier and flexible.

  • Improved posture. Good posture enables the lungs, heart, and skeletal muscles to perform at their highest efficiency. We can breathe better, getting more oxygen to the brain and vital organs. Chiropractic helps posture by getting the joints and skeleton lined up so the less muscle support is needed for good posture. This reduced stress on the body and bodily function is greatly improved.

  • Better balance. When the body is balanced, exercise and daily activities require less energy and reduce injury and soreness. The body needs to be balanced when standing, sitting, walking, running and playing sports. If too much weight is distributed to one side or front to back then compensation is needed to restore balance. Without proper balance, inflammation of the joints and muscles along with arthritis can occur if the balance is not corrected. Chiropractic can bring the body back in balance and reduce inflammation. Improved balance helps a person complete their daily activities more efficiently.

  • Improved digestion. When the back is in proper alignment, the abdominal muscles are less rigid which allows for easier digestive flow. Easier digestive flow increases nutrient absorption. When the back and pelvis are in proper position to allow less pressure on the abdominal cavity then digestion will be less impeded, enabling food to move through the small and large intestines easier. This makes the digestion of food more productive. This can also alleviate gastric reflux by putting less pressure on the diaphragm into the chest cavity. Patients sometimes experience less bloating and more efficient digestion following chiropractic treatments.

  • Increased blood flow to muscles and joints. When the arm and leg joints are in correct position, it allows proper blood flow in and out of the extremities. Blood flow in and around a joint is sensitive to positional changes. If a joint is placed in a flexed or extended position for too long then blood flow will be dramatically lessened in the joint until the joint is returned to its proper position. It is also known that even a slight misalignment can have an negative effect of blood flow inside the joint. Chiropractors are great at adjusting the joints in the arms and legs keeping them healthy and moving properly. This enables people to experience better progress at the gym or during their home work-out regimen.

  • Less systemic inflammation. In today's busy society filled with stress and uncertainty, it is common for people's bodies to have higher levels of inflammation than people from previous generations. When the body has systemic inflammation, the circulatory system and lymphatic system are not removing waste in a correct manner. Chiropractic adjustments help improve the circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid. Systemic inflammation is detrimental to the entire body. Every part of the body is effected by it. This is where chiropractic treatment, dietary assistance and nutritional supplementation is needed. A chiropractor can adjust the body, help with concerns about dietary concerns and provide recommendations about nutritional support.

  • More restful sleep. Sleep is a very important activity required by the human body. A well adjusted body will be more relaxed, more comfortable, and sleep in a more restful position. The digestive system is very active during sleep. A high amount of nutrient absorption takes place when the body is at rest. The body also repairs itself during deep sleep. If a person is unable to get comfortable, they often have difficulty falling sleep. Chiropractic adjustments align the body and make sleep more attainable.

Don't become discouraged when hitting a weight-loss plateau. Instead, seek help from a local chiropractor. A chiropractor can be an important resource for weight loss and other health concerns.

Usually, it takes several visits to the chiropractor in order to correct postural and skeletal problems. The longer a person waits before seeking treatment, the more time it may take before results are seen. There are no magic pills or shortcuts to better health. However, if a person makes their health a priority, they can achieve incredible results.

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