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Ergonomics and Chiropractic

Good ergonomics play a crucial role in our daily lives. Maintaining our posture is necessary in order to perform our daily tasks whether professional, recreational or domestic (house work). Chiropractic works hand in hand with ergonomics by supporting proper posture in order to keep the skeletal and nervous systems healthy and performing efficiently.


Important steps to take with ergonomics are to sit or stand in proper alignment with the head directly over the shoulders and the hips. If the head leans too far forward or too far back, it will put pressure on all the spinal muscles along the spine.  With this increase in pressure on the spine, muscle fatigue, joint irritation and nerve pressure will rise. This will cause changes in spinal and joint alignment and can cause inflammatory changes in the body such as osteoarthritis. Chiropractors are also helpful in suggesting proper ergonomic aids such as pillows, lumbar supports, mattresses and braces that will help with posture and ergonomics.

Tips for better ergonomics at the office

  • Proper desk height

  • Proper chair height

  • Monitor at eye level

  • Correct chair distance from desk

  • Lumbar chair support

  • Ergonomic designed keyboard

  • Chair directly facing monitor

  • Proper mouse size (smaller hands need smaller sized mouse)


Tips for better ergonomics at home

  • Sofa and chair facing the center of the room

  • Sofa and chair facing the television

  • Proper chair support when performing seated tasks

  • Proper floor mat when performing standard tasks

  • Stand close to sink when doing dishes

  • Walk close behind vacuum cleaner (no leaning forward)

  • Keep back straight when sweeping or mopping

Ergonomically designed chair and computer desk
Advantages of Using Good Ergonomics

  • Healthy joints

  • Muscles remain relaxed and comfortable

  • Increased muscle stamina

  • Enjoy longer tasks without soreness and fatigue

  • Fewer headaches from neck at incorrect angle

  • Increased concentration

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