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New Patients

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Chiropractic Treatment Plan

If it is determined that chiropractic may be able to help your particular situation, your doctor will initiate a treatment plan for your specific diagnosis. This plan will determine the date of your next chiropractic appointment and is based upon the nature and severity of your condition. Some of our patients make a full recovery in a matter of days. Other patients require several weeks of treatment. In the event of a serious injury (severe fall, fracture, sports injury), a person’s plan of care may be more extensive, spanning several months.

Chiropractic for the Family

In addition to treating adults, our Flagler Beach chiropractors treat children and teens. Children who carry heavy backpacks, who are involved in school sports, or who have recently had a big growth spurt can often benefit from chiropractic treatment. Chiropractic can also provide support for some of the neurologic symptoms of ADHD and autism spectrum disorders. Chiropractic treatment promotes a healthy lifestyle, and supports muscle and joint health. Consider chiropractic as a part of your family wellness program.

What New Chiropractic Patients Can Expect


Our Flagler Beach chiropractors strive to make new patients as relaxed and comfortable as possible. After you fill out some paperwork, the doctor will review your health history and discuss your wellness concerns or current pain. It is important that you mention any sports injuries, automobile accidents, serious falls, health conditions, or other injuries you have experienced, even if they occurred many years ago. Your chiropractor will then begin a chiropractic examination.

Your Chiropractic Exam May Include:
  • Orthopedic and neurological testing

  • Assessment of muscle strength / weakness

  • Range of Motion testing

  • Assessment of joint stability and symmetry

  • Evaluation of muscle tone and edema (swelling)

  • Postural analysis

  • Gait (walking) analysis

Chiropractic Treatment Goals

Our Flagler Beach chiropractors will establish certain treatment goals based on your specific situation. Examples of treatment goals might be to reduce your muscle spasms from severe to mild, to diminish the intensity of your pain, or to increase the amount of restful sleep you receive each night. At Back In Action Chiropractors, our aim is to help a person to get well as quickly as possible. We strive to set realistic, attainable goals, keeping in mind the age and physical condition of each patient. The chiropractic treatment plan and treatment goals for a 50 year old patient will differ from the chiropractic treatment plan and treatment goals for a 20 year old patient.

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