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Our Doctors

Our chiropractors have experience adjusting / manipulating the following areas:

  • Bones of the neck and spine

  • Collar bone (clavicle)

  • Ribs (and rib misalignments after thoracic surgery)

  • Jaw

  • Breast bone (sternum)

  • Shoulder

  • Shoulder blade (scapula)

  • Elbow

  • Wrist

  • Hand

  • Thumb

  • Hip

  • Pelvis

  • Tailbone (sacrum)

  • Kneecap (patella)

  • Lower leg (tibia and fibula)

  • Ankle

  • Heel (calcaneus)

  • Foot

Dr. Kemp Kirk and Dr. Rachelle Kirk are an experienced and professional healthcare team.
Dr. Rachelle Kirk

Dr. Rachelle Kirk is a health science educator with over 20 years experience teaching patients and educating the public. She has a strong background in human anatomy and physiology. Through her years of being an educator, she has developed excellent listening skills. She  has been able to help children, teens, and adults with atypical and rare health situations. Dr. Rachelle Kirk's ability to think outside-the-box enables her to develop solutions that have changed the lives of of her patients in a positive way. 

Dr. Kemp Kirk

Dr. Kemp Kirk has directed multiple clinics in northeast Florida. He is skilled in creating treatment plans that offer ongoing wellness care to people in the following professions: electricians, home builders, plumbers, firefighters, first responders, emergency dispatchers, dentists, software developers, and pilots. Each of these professions has different physical challenges. Dr. Kemp Kirk develops specific wellness schedules for people in each of these careers so that they can continue to remain in their chosen profession for as many years as they desire.

They believe that the future of healthcare lies in health education, disease prevention, and natural healing rather than merely treating symptoms. Their focus is on restoring the body to wellness. They work cooperatively with other physicians and therapists, in order to make sure patients receive the complete care they need.

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