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Chiropractic Testimonials

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Find Out What People Are Saying About Us

Chiropractors Dr. Kemp Kirk and Dr. Rachelle Kirk have been helping the residents of Flagler County, Florida since 2002. Check out these testimonials to see what their patients have to say.

Chiropractic and Wellness

Although many people speak about their symptoms when they mention chiropractic, a majority of our patients are focused on wellness care. They understand that chiropractic treatments are important to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. They understand that chiropractic treatments are important to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. They are interested in chiropractic for family wellness. They also incorporate chiropractic into their sports and wellness programs.

"I am always treated with both respect and courtesy."

"Dr’s Kemp and Rachelle Kirk are fantastic chiropractors. They are both very knowledgeable and experienced. I am always treated with both respect and courtesy. Their calm and assuring manner places me at ease and I have total confidence in their treatments. I highly recommend both Dr. Kemp and Dr. Rachelle Kirk to help you in the aid of healing."

-- Rick M., Ormond Beach, Florida

"The weakness in my arm went away!"

"I had weakness in my arm and numbness in my hand when I first started my treatment at Back In Action Chiropractors. I had great results from my treatment. The weakness in my arm went away! So did the numbness in my hand. Dr. Kemp and Dr. Rachelle are awesome at what they do."​


-- Walt M., Palm Coast, Florida

" back is now in very good shape."

"Dr. Kemp and Dr. Rachelle are fantastic chiropractors. I first went to see them in the late 2008. I had a huge problem with my upper back, and was in such bad shape. I always feel better after my visit. After several months of continuous work from both of them, my back is now in very good shape. I continue to see them as needed. Dr. Kemp and Dr. Rachelle are very nice people and very good at their job. I recommend them to everybody."


--Gabi I., Flagler Beach, Florida

"...getting adjusted makes me feel so much better."

"Thank you both so much! Between office work and yard work, ending up with neck problems and lower back issues is pretty easy and getting adjusted makes me feel so much better. When I have a headache (and I get bad ones), getting my neck and shoulders adjusted relieves so much of the pain! Your therapy equals relief and less medication for pain or migraine. That is a big plus for me! Thanks again!"


-Laurie B., Palm Coast, Florida

"Their gentle adjustments... prevented me from suffering the usual back pain of pregnancy!"

"I'm a Registered Nurse, and a mother. Working critical care really took a toll on my back, and being a mommy is a constant strain on it as well. And I'll admit "proper body mechanics" is more of a goal than a reality! Throughout my last 2 pregnancies I saw Rachelle and Kemp regularly. This was especially important during the end of the pregnancies and postpartum periods, when hormones had my joints relaxed and therefore, more prone to injury and mis-alignment. Their gentle adjustments kept my back in line, and prevented me from suffering the usual back pain of pregnancy! That's a pretty big deal to any mommy, but especially for me since they helped me through my seventh and eighth pregnancies!


Since the birth process is stressful on the pelvis and back, and sleeping on those fold-out chairs at the hospital was stressful on my husband's back, we went directly to Rachelle and Kemp's after being discharged from the hospital. Our babies' first outings were to see our chiropractors! And while there, our babies got THEIR first adjustments. People forget what the baby goes through to be born; the twisting, bending, and pulling on their spines. Rachelle gave such gentle adjustments to the babies while holding them, so it didn't even seem like they were being adjusted!


My children, my husband, and I get adjusted when needed, and have benefited from this. Rachelle and Kemp have been gracious and generous with their time and help. They have been such a blessing to our family, and I highly recommend them!"


--Melissa H., Palm Coast, Florida

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